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Classically Unauthorized: Choir of SGH

room: Broadway
ticket: PLN 15, buy a ticket online or at the reception

The Choir of the Warsaw School of Economics has existed since 1993 and was founded by Tomasz Hynek.

It is a mixed, 8-voice choir, composed of students and graduates of the Warsaw School of Economics, as well as people unrelated to the university. The repertoire includes both classical music compositions as well as arrangements of pop music.
Each season, the Choir gives concert, which includes both performances during school ceremonies and full concerts in Poland and abroad.

The concert will be led by Jakub Szafrański as conductor and narrator.

Zdjęcie przedstawia chór damsko - męski, kobiety i mężczyźni śpiewają, trzymając w rękach śpiewniki Chórem dyryguje dyrygent - mężczyzna.