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Chronicles of violence

room: Broadway
free entrance, booking places: or at the reception

The performance presents a study of different faces of violence. In the modern world, violence, as a social phenomenon, takes various shapes, sometimes it appears directly and clearly, sometimes indirectly. Its complexity requires a look that can untangle the network of meanings created and duplicated.
Through four chronicles that talk about violence – from home abuse to psychopathy – artists try to understand the nature of violence and contribute to its elimination.

Directed by: Andre de la Cruz

The artists:
Ewa Dzikowska
Tomasz Konopka
Iwona Kowalska
Gloria Lipińska
Emilia Niedzielak
Marcin Safaryn
Patrycja Izabela Strupińska
Ireneusz Wojaczek
Paulina Zdęb-Rąkoska