Chronicles of violence

room: Broadway
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A lot of bad things about violence happen near us. Closer than we would like. The tendency to various kinds of violence is hidden in each of us, hidden, repressed, suppressed or familiar. Each of us has also been a victim of violence. Sometimes we manage to counter it and sometimes we fail. The question is, what does it depend on, how will we react to it?
Chronicles of Violence are four stories that present a surprising picture of violence that provokes reflection.

Directed and adapted by Andre de la Cruz
Cast: Ewa Dzikowska, Tomasz Konopka, Magdalena Maria Róża Kulik, Gloria Lipińska, Emilia Niedzielak, Marcin Safaryn, Patrycja Strupińska, Ireneusz Wojaczek, Joanna Wykrytowicz, Paulina Zdeb-Rąkoska
Poster: Ireneusz Wojaczek
Choreographic consultation on the prologue – Paulina Szczęsna
Choreographies – Emilia Niedzielak & Magdalena Maria Róża Kulik

Based on excerpts from: “Funny Games”, “Precious”, “Te doy mis ojos” and an interview with Richard Kuklinski
Realization: Kadratowi theater group.

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