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Chess tournament

room: Dreamer, 201, 2nd floor
ticket: PLN 40 (PLN 20 for participants of chess classes at DK Kadr)

Tournament for participants from 4 to 104 years old. A great opportunity to learn the rules of chess tournaments, the possibility of winning the 5th category, but most of all having fun with the family.

Organizer: KS Laura Chylice and DK Kadr

Objective: to obtain IV and V categories. Popularization of the sport of chess.

Maximum number of competitors: 20. Number of places is limited.

Game system: Swiss, 6 rounds, P’30 (

Awards: Material prizes for the first three places in the open category. Collecting the prizes is possible only in person, during the official closing of the tournament.

Applications: and by e-mail:, or SMS at 787121252, 513086990

Rules: The FIDE rules apply during the tournament. Competitors are forbidden to use cell phones in the hall (

at 9.00-9.55: registration of participants
at 10:00 am: 1st round, final round: to 3:00 pm

Immediately after the round ends, we try to start the next one.
Due to the inability to organize the deposit, it is allowed to bring in only electronic communicators. Using them in the playing hall will be punished: the player loses the game, the spectator must leave the room.

Zdjęcie planszy do gry w szachy na której ułożone są czarno białe pionki do gry.