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Challenges for the imagination

room: Happy Feet, 305, 3rd floor
free entrance, booking places online or at the reception

Mokotów invites you to the world of theatre! As part of cooperation with Mokotów Cultural Centres, we invite you to free theatre workshops for children at DK “KADR”

Creativity is in all of us. Sometimes he needs a little encouragement!

A word, a pose, a face – what can they mean? How to create an original whole from one element? Is there more than one interpretation option?

Based on improvisation exercises, we will look for unusual solutions, non-obvious associations, and wholesome fun.

The workshop will be conducted by: Agnieszka Senderowska-Rucińska: actress, improviser, instructor, dancer. She has been associated with the theatre for over a decade, both performing on stage, co-creating performances, and conducting classes in the field of jazz dance, stage movement and theatrical improvisation. She is constantly trying to expand her knowledge and skills by taking part in international projects, workshops, and competitions.