Ceremonial opening of the new building of the Culture Centre Kadr

Invitations available only online

6th of October (Friday)
7.00 pm – Unitra – Frequency range
An exhibition displaying the design of the cult of unification of electronic equipment manufacturers
7.30 pm – Waglewski Fisz Emade
Concert of Waglewski’s family trio during the ceremonial of opening of the Culture Centre Kadr

7th of October (Saturday)
10.00 am ? 1.00 pm – Breakfast Neighborhood
We invite you to bring your own specialties
11.00 am – 3.00 pm – Workshops for children, youth and families
Classes in visual arts, handicrafts, dance, theater and literary
12.00 – 3.00 pm – Workshop for adults
Classes in visual arts, dance and yoga
7.00 pm – DK Mordor
A performance with elements of improvised theater performed by actors of the Comedy Club specially created for this ceremonial

8th of October (Sunday)
12.00 – 3.00 pm – Workshops for children, youth and families. Music and film classes
1.00 pm – 4.00 pm – Workshop for adults
Photo, dance, handicraft and theatrical activities
4.00 pm – Meeting with RenĂ© Wawrzkiewicz
Talk about typography and industrial design organized by the ART_committed Foundation
6.00 pm – Culture Temples: Russian National Library, Opera in Oslo, Salka Institute. A film contest organized by Against Gravity