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CASTING. Waiting room

room: Broadway
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“CASTING. Waiting room “is a story of two friends who are rivals, actors and lovers of the same woman. Two losers meet – Waldemar and Arkadiusz, but neither are the losers. They are talented actors, who only … don’t have a luck. Perhaps, because their ideals do not match the values that modern times respect. Both of them aren’t and don’t want to be celebrities from tabloids, known only from the fact that they are known. They remember Wyspiański or Shakespeare, about their great roles with these authors, but they also remember … their professional failures and the fight for the same woman they both lost. However, they still have a chance for success, for a miracle.

Plakat promujący spektakl. Na czerwonym tle plakatu w centralnej jego cześci widnieją dwa zdjęcia głównych aktorów spektaklu. Zdjęcia w stylu