Cape Verde Islands

room: Broadway
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There are several islands in the Atlantic 600 kilometers west of the African coast. Each of them is slightly different – from the desert island of Sal to the green Santo Antao. During our trip we will visit three different islands, Sal, Sao Vicente and Santo Antao. At Sal, we will feel the climate of the desert coast of Africa, at Sao Vicente we will blend in with the atmosphere of the end of the carnival, getting to know the interior and the coast of the island, while at Santo Antao we will watch unusual mountainous landscapes, cliff coasts and villages lost among the mountains.
We will also meet the inhabitants of the islands, which are a unique mix of many cultures, from African to European.
Zbigniew Bochenek will lead the meeting.

Na skalistym zboczu gór przedstawione są liczne zabudowania willi. Mieszczą się w trudno dostępnym terenie.