Build a house!

Who participates in the “There was a city” class knows that our workshops are not boring! You don’t have ideas for creative home fun? We will provide you with ready templates for printing and gluing, we will tell you how to use empty boxes and rolls on the tape, we will take a small trip around the world and get to know new buildings.


Some ideas to create:

We’re building a house!
Print, cut and fold the grid of the house.
Stick windows and doors.
Or maybe you can make a garden near the house?

Make your own pyramids! Print, cut, glue and decorate.

Pyramid 1
Pyramid 2
Pyramid 3

Who likes traveling by train?
We offer you a beautiful train.
Print on A4 sheet, preferably from the technical block, just cut and glue!
Good luck 🙂

Create the new DK KADR bus 🙂
Build your house 🙂
Become an architect!

Follow three steps and become a designer!
1. Print the room design.
2. Prepare crayons, materials, colored paper. Maybe you have unnecessary decorations, newspapers at home? You can need them!
3. Design your room.

template 1
the upper wall
a roof
parts of the house
House is ready!