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Between the slides

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Down, dir. Leszek Molski
The young sales manager is going jogging. When she is running, she falls into a deep down. This is how the absurd epic begins its interior. The film talks about gaining a new perspective that allows you to verify your previous priorities.

Panic attack, dir. Paweł Maślona
A multi-layered story in which ordinary people fall into the whirl of unexpected events, which will radically change their lives. An attractive author of crime stories meets her ex-boyfriend on a date. Married couples choose the worst seats on the plane while they are returning from holidays. A young girl risks that her girlfriends unmask her as a porn star. With the help of a dog psychologist, the bride gives birth at her wedding, while the waiter tries to save the planet. A comedy in which nothing is what it seems and everyday life turns into a pure madness.