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Between the slide show. New Polish Cinema

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During the meeting we present two movies:

16.03, dir. Natalia Siwicka, Poland 2016 16 ‘
A young woman wakes up at home, in the middle of nowhere, few moments before the sunrise. She is nervously dressing up and is driving off in her car. For exactly 16 minutes and 3 seconds we are moving into main character?s world to find out what strange and worrisome situation she experienced on the road. Unaware of the danger, we identify with her. It might yet happen to anyone …

Kamper, dir. Łukasz Grzegorzek, Poland 2016 85 ‘
A marriage of thirty-year old couple, once in love, now they have to decide whether the next step in their life do together or separately. Mania and Kamper. She is ambitious, hardworking and talented. She loves cooking and wants to devote herself to her passion. He is the eternal boy, who works as a tester of computer games and appreciates life without any obligations. When Mania meets a mature man, she begins to wonder if she is still attracted by her husband. Is she sure, she wants to spend the rest of her life with him? Kamper must fight. However, starts with a romance with a Spanish teacher.

After the show it will be a meeting with the filmmakers.

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