Between the slide show. New Polish Cinema.

Free entrance, booking seats online or by phone

During the meeting we present two movies:

I am a Pole, dir. Paul Hejbudzki (Poland 2014), 17 ‘
The hero is a young man who is participating for the first time in March of Independence (11th of November 2013 in Warsaw).

Knives Out / In knives, dir. Przemysław Wojcieszek (Poland 2016), 90 ‘
A history of a group of friends who meet at a cottage a few years after graduation. They are over twenty years, some of them made a career in an international corporations. They all feel as a part of the best generations of Poles. In a relaxed atmosphere, under the influence of an alcohol, they start releasing their phobias and demons.

After the show, it will be a meeting with the filmmakers.

dwóch mężczyzn siedzących na ławce i palących papierosa