Between the slide show. New Polish Cinema

Free entrance, booking places online or by telephone

During the meeting we present two movies:

“Sandland” dir. Bartłomiej Żmuda, Poland 2014 25 ‘

Adrian, Magda and Anita are three young, sensitive people who protest against the reality which is surrounding them. They have got a crazy idea, they would like to have ??a trip to Africa and start a new life there. They decide to implement their plan into action. This is a story that is inspired by real events.

“Intruder” dir. Magnus von Horn, Poland 2015 97 ‘

John comes from the reformatory he wants to start a new life. Unfortunately, in the community, where he returns, his crime has been neither forgotten nor forgiven. John is feeling abandoned from friends and those he loves, and begins to lose hope. He feels the same aggression that once interrupted him to prison. John, unable to leave the past behind, he decides to face it.

After the show it will be a meeting with the filmmakers.