Between the slide show?. New Polish Cinema?

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During the meeting we present two movies:

Science, dir. Emi Buchwald, Poland 2016 19 ‘
The students of the fourth class of primary school as homework are being challenged to memorize a poem by Julian Tuwim ?Science?. Together with their parents are trying to understand and interpret the classic Polish poetic song. Short documentary shows not only the paradoxes of schooling, but also an interesting social observation.

United States of Love, dir. Tomasz Wasilewski, Poland 2016 101 ‘
It is the beginning of the 1990s. Although there was already freedom, still feel the spirit of the previous era. Four seemingly happy women of different age combines an irresistible desire to change their lives. Agata, a young mother trapped in a marriage without a passion, looking for an escape to meet the impossible love. Renata is a teacher fascinated by her younger neighbor Marzena – provincial beauty queen, whose husband works in Germany. Iza ? Marzena?s sister is the director of the school and the secret lover.

After the show it will be a meeting with the filmmakers.

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