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Between Slides. New Polish Cinema

Hall: Broadway
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The program includes movies:
“Pola” dir. Edyta RembaƂa, Poland 2017, 19′
Pola – The mother of two little girls decides to go abroad to look for a better future for her family. In spite of many attempts, the father can?t match an enterprising woman in any way. An older daughter can?t understand her mothers? decision – she decides to start her own journey, regardless of the consequences.

“Wild Roses” dir. Anna Jadowska, Poland 2017, 93′
Wild roses – Ewa leaves the hospital and returns to her hometown, where, under the care of her mother, she left two children: the rebellious daughter Marysia and the little son Jasia. Ewa runs her own home because her husband works in Norway. Ewa has an admirer – teenage Marcel. What can happen between them among the title wild roses?