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Bester Quartet

room: Broadway
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It has been 20 years since the Cracow Klezmer Band formed the music scene. Its creator and leader was an accordion virtuoso, an outstanding composer – Jarosław Bester. It’s enough to mention that it is the only Polish band that has released all their albums in the iconic Tzadik Records run by John Zorn.
Bester Quartet is a new face of the legend of the 90s, with an intriguing, colorful face. In addition to Jarosław Bester, the current composition of the quartet is: Dawid Lubowicz – violin, Maciej Adamczyk – double bass and multi-instrumentalist Oleg Dyyak.
They play music with a broad stylistic cross-section, which is an extraordinary, magical assimilation of classic, jazz, ethnic sounds and contemporary chamber music.