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[Best Polish 30′] vol. 2

room: Broadway, ground floor
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What do you usually do in 30 minutes? You can read the newspaper, shop, cook dinner, run 5 km … And sometimes 30 minutes is enough to tell an amazing story that will stay with you forever! The best Polish short films, shown and awarded at the most important film festivals, now on the big screen! We will watch four short films awarded at festivals in Poland and in the world!

Me and my father, dir. Aleksander Pietrzak | time 30 min.
David looks after his father Edward, who has an aggravating Alzheimer’s disease. The son wants to get to know his father, who gets fewer every day.

I’M JULITA, dir. Filip Dzierżawski | time 28 min.
Detained in prison, the mother does not want to meet her daughter. Women have not seen each other for ten years. Julita, under the pretext, goes to prison to confront her and settle a difficult past.

The Play-Off, dir. Tomasz Gąssowski | time 30 min.
The 38-year-old Zyga, who lives near Warsaw, tries to explain to Witek what rules of the world rule. He does not always apply to them. It is a story about a complex and loving relationship between father and son.

Close Ties, dir. Zofia Kowalewska | time 18 min.
Barbara and Zdzisław are married couples with 45 years of experience. Eight years ago, Zdzisław left Barbara and lived with his lover. Recently, he decided to return to his wife. Barbara accepted him back. Returning to a common life in one apartment turns out to be difficult for a married couple.