Beauty of Life

21/04/2022 at 6.00 p.m. in the gallery by the elevator on the second floor of DK Kadr, the first part of the exhibition of works by Anna Sobol’s students from the local art studio, created in the years 2020-2022, will be opened.

The exhibition is entitled Beauty of Life, because it consists of paintings and drawings created out of admiration for the beauty of the world around us – images of cute animals, beautiful flowers, and landscapes, as well as portraits of loved ones. Some of them were created during the pandemic, as if against the threat of ubiquitous death, and today – in the face of new threats – they are an expression of invincible will to live, joy and beauty …

The participants are: Arkuszewska Antonina, Bunicz Anna, Czyżewska Elżbieta, Kazantseva Natalija, Kielch Patrycja, Kozłowska Krystyna, Lipińska Magdalena, Pieńkowska Roma, Pilczyńska Grażyna, Rokicka Barbara, Rumiancew Maria, Rudnicka Mariola, Rychlińska Marianna, Senderacki Ewa, Sezoncz Mażewska Marta, Stępień Anna, Szwagulińska Małgorzata, Symonowicz Jadwiga, Utratna Alicja, Armor Irena,

In June, the exhibition will be expanded with new works, and the whole exhibition will be on display until the end of the summer holidays.