Ballroom Dance

9.30-10.30 (intermediate group) – subscribe and pay
10.40-11.40 (advanced group) – subscribe and pay
9.00-10.00 (beginner group) – subscribe and pay
10.10-11.10 (continuation group) – subscribe and pay
11.20-12.20 (intermediate group) – subscribe and pay
12.30-13.30 (dance technique) – subscribe and pay
13.40-14.40 (advanced group) – subscribe and pay
instructor: Rafał Matysiak
fee: PLN 25/month
room: Breathless, 315 a/b, 3rd floor (Wednesday), Dancing in the dark, 307 a/b, 3rd floor (Friday)

The main aim of the classes is to shape and develop dance interests and abilities of seniors in their free time. The programme includes: standard dances ? English waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, slowfox, quickstep; and Latin dances: samba, cha-cha, rumba, paso doble, jive. In addition, we enhance the classes with the basics of other dance forms: national dances, circle dancing, team dance, characteristic dance. Particular dances differ in terms of origin, character, movement scheme and music. Thanks to the wide-ranging benefits of ballroom dancing, we are able to positively impact harmonious psychological and physical development. The main benefits of taking ballroom dance classes are: development of body awareness, correction of faulty posture, improvement of auditory and movement coordination, facilitation of experiencing and communicating emotions, facilitation of interpersonal contacts, opportunity to have fun and relax, participation in the broadly-understood dance culture, developing artistic interests, prevention of social exclusion. The classes are conducted at three levels. We recommend registering in pairs, however, it is not a requirement for registration.