Audiomapa of Służew and Służewiec

The Culture Centre Kadr in cooperation with the Służewski Culture Centre and with the support of the Warsaw Cultural Education Program, organizes intergenerational workshops, which will result in a free, mobile audio guide after the twentieth century Służew and Służewiec accessible to a wide audience of residents and residents of the district.

During the inaugural project of the workshops and walks the students of middle school together with the seniors will nominate a dozen points with the most interesting stories about the former Służew and Służewiec. Teens will take on the role of reporters and learn from their older neighbors what happened several decades ago in places where residential buildings, commercial complexes and office space are located today.

Tale of past events, old residents and key guests of the district will be recorded and will serve as a base and inspiration for further – also jointly conducted – searches. During the audio workshops based on the techniques of Raymond Murray Schafer, participants will try to reproduce the past acoustic landscape of the area. With the help of directors and artists the sound of the tones, noise, noises and murmurs of the old craft factories, bazaars, restaurants, squares and courtyards will be re-transplanted into today’s completely different functions. Recordings: word.

Audio guides will be promoted on the Internet (on the organizer and project partner sites), postcard distribution, and QR code tags.

Seniors and young people interested in participating in the project, which will be organized from June to September 2017, please contact:

Katarzyna Kaczmarek
Program Department
Tel. 22 843 88 81
Mobile: 510 149 635