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Atelier Space and Art

instructor: Katarzyna Fronczak
fee: PLN 180/ month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Mister Blot’s Academy, 208, 2nd floor

Workshop designed for those who would like to improve their drawing and painting skills. They offer excellent working conditions for the awakening of creative awareness and material support for those who decide to study different fields of art.
Through insightful and sensitive observation we will learn how to translate the reality into the language of art based on still life and the model’s study, not forgetting the inspirations of the outside world. On the one hand, we will deal with the technical and manual aspect; we will learn how to create a correct composition, maintain proportions, give a certain shape to something, how to use a stroke, and how to use a blotch. On the other hand, we will develop creatively, stimulating the imagination and interpreting the environment through our own inner experience.