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At Dracula ‘s castle

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“Carmen” – opera group together with the students of the Opera, Musical and Entertainment Singing Class of Tamara Grykowska-Treszczotko invite to a concert of arias of the most outstanding composers of opera music of Italian Baroque and Early Classicism.
Inspired by the complaints of the heroes of Old Italian arias, the performance is a unique collage of songs and images, in which old arias are the basis of contemporary horror – a Gothic horror story with a gallery of works by masters of painting.

Directed and directed by: Tamara Grykowska-Treszczotko
Script and translation: Grzegorz Smyk

Grzegorz Smyk, bass-baritone: Count Dracula
Tamara Grykowska-Treszczotko, mezzo-soprano: Artist
Sławomir Cieśla, tenor: Baron
Justyna Jabłonowska, soprano: Baroness
Andrzej Kwiatkowski (as a guest): Steward
Iwona Jędrych-Szynka, soprano: The Steward’s Wife
Michalina Jaraczewska, mezzo-soprano: Countess von Karnstein
Kornelia Radwańska, soprano: Midnight Mass
Adrianna Prause, soprano: Shepherdess Sister
Paulina Treszczotko, mezzo-soprano: Gypsy
Krzysztof Kosior, tenor: Minstrel
Agata Porczyk, soprano: The First Lady
Anna Dawid, mezzo-soprano: The Second Lady

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