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ASP Art Studio

instructor: Agnieszka Glasenapp
fee: PLN 200/ month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Afterimage, 211, 2nd floor

Classes dedicated to students preparing for the exam at the Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw as well as other fine arts universities, and those who wish to improve their technique. We have introduced cyclical lectures and presentations on art history and theory. We make sure that the participants develop the practical skills without forgetting about the intellectual sphere. We are going to focus on still life study, model study, composition from imagination, i.e. the most important elements in preparing works for a portfolio, department reviews and practical exams.
During classes, we will focus on substantive corrections, cyclical reviews, formal issues related to composition and technique as well as elements of art history that are necessary when preparing for the theoretical exam.
By observing nature, we will learn to develop both our painting techniques  and drawing techniques. We are going to work with different formats and backgrounds.
The classes can also be attended by English-speaking participants.