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Artistic journeys around the world

instructor: Urszula Pielach-Gemzała
ticket: PLN 15, booking places online
room: Man of Marble, 219, 2nd floor

Together with the participants, we will take an artistic journey to Asia to the “Land of the Rising Sun” – Japan

The program:

1. A brief introduction to Japan.
2. Learn a few words in Japanese.
Children will learn to introduce themselves in Japanese, learn how to say hello and goodbye in Japanese. They will also learn how to write the country name Japan in Japanese.
3. Making the flag of Japan from white and red paper
4. Making a small model of the Fuji volcano, which is a symbol of Japan. The volcano will be made of white and light green coloured salt mass.

Kwitnące drzewo wiśni pełne pieknych, dużych, różowych pąków kwiatów.