ART_ACTION is an original programme of spectacle presentations by the ART_committed Foundation.
ART_ACTION’s repertoire includes: WALL UNIT by Błażej Peszek, PROFANUM and we are not superheroes by Kamil Wawrzuta, by Ruchomy Kolektyw group, Project: 3 Sisters by Agnieszka Bednarz, Paulina Jóźwicka and Katarzyna Kostrzewa and LEM_ONADE by Waldemar Raźniak.
“Our spectacles balance at the interface between theatre and dance, body awareness ? text. Movement is our primary concern, a universal language of communication in our journey of discovery onstage and the need for development. We know that to create means to co-create, and that is why, we are constantly looking for new inspirations and a broader perspective ? both in terms of art and organisation,? say ART_committed artists

Programme partner: KADR Culture Centre
Programme co-financed by the City of Warsaw