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Around the Globe with Spanish

instructor: Jorge Riffo Maechel
fee: PLN 130/ month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Lost in Translation, 205, 2nd floor

We would like to take the youngest children on a fascinating journey around Latin American countries and Spain, during which we will be discovering Spanish and unknown lands. In our method, we focus on two key aspects: language learning accompanied by the equally important element of discovering new cultures. New lands serve as a background for the adventures of two cute puppets – sensitive and emotional Mini and her responsible and sensible friend Yaroslav. During the classes, we are going to use modern technologies (Google, Maps, YouTube) to transport ourselves into the magical world of active volcanoes, sunbathing penguins, Condors, the largest deserts and rain forests.
The children will be discovering Spanish in a perfectly natural way, the same way they learn their mother tongue, i.e. through laughter, games, theatre, all senses, movement, dancing, and singing. Each class begins with ritual songs that transport the kids into a magical world where everyone speaks only Spanish. It is there that the children are going to be taken on smaller and bigger adventures by Minia and Yaroslav, all the while learning how to speak and understand the target language. We learn by using sentences that can be readily used in everyday life and let the kids express their needs, emotions, tastes, and preferences. We use a rich variety of materials: 70 original songs, several dozen board games, illustrations, work cards, role plays, and photo stories as well as self-study books with a CD and song translations for working with children at home.
The older children, i.e. those who already go to school, are going to work with a textbook and use modern technologies (YouTube, games, Quizlet, etc.). The main focus is practical knowledge of Spanish, the ability to use it in everyday life and conversations as well as improvement and development of vocabulary and grammar in combination with their practical application.