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Argentina. Puna de Atacama

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Puna de Atacama is a region in the Andes located on the border of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.
There are the highest mountains of America on the Aconcagua massif: Ojos del Salado 6,893 m (the highest volcano in the world), Pissis 6795 m, Bonete Chico 6759 m, Tres Cruces 6739 m, Walther Penck 6,658 m, Llullaillaco 6739 m, Incahuasi 6621 m.
Puna is famous for also from numerous crater lakes, salt lakes and salars (including Salar de Arizaro). Poles explored Puna in the 1930s as they climbed its highest peaks for the first time. But the Incas should be considered the first discoverers.
Speaker: Iwona Szumacher