Anna Salamon- Kalinowska

Master of arts, actress, director of numerous theatre and musical spectacles, pedagogue, composer, vocalist.

She graduated from the Academy of Music at the Faculty of Eurhythmics with a specialisation in piano (MA thesis entitled “Stage movements in move interpretations and theatrical arts”) as well as the Faculty of Acting at the Warsaw Film School (2006).

For the past 14 years, he has been working creatively with children, showing them the world of music, developing their creativity and musical imagination through musicality classes and piano lessons. Since 2011, he also runs Actor?s Studio “Mała Filmówka” at the Warsaw Film School, an acting and musical studio “Młode Atelier”, which operates at the Agnieszka Osiecka Atelier Theatre in Sopot, and the “Artist” Musical Theatre Academy at the Kadr Culture Centre.

As an actress, she took part in theatre productions such as: Tiramisu (diploma), dir. Elżbieta Słoboda and Maciej Ślesicki; Zszywanie, dir. Elżbieta Słoboda, THE BLUE ROOM, dir. Elżbieta Słoboda.; Rozmowa z HYATT dir. Kamil Cetnarowicz.

He also performed in a recital of stage songs “Klasztor Kamedułów” organised by Ewa Błaszczyk.

She participated in many workshops and seminars in the country and abroad, including in the Orff Institute in Salzburg (2001), Contemporary Dance Workshop in Poznań (1999-2005), Emile Jaques-Dalcroze School in Warsaw (“Music and movement games developing creativity”), International Eurhythmics Workshop in Łódź (2004), 4th Nationwide Workshop Session “Music and movement in therapeutic activities” (Katowice, 2005), 7th General Science Session “Eurhythmics in the development of musicians, actors, dancers, and in rehabilitation” (Łódź, 2005), in the seminar “Dispositional elements in the process of creating movement interpretations of contemporary musical works” (Łódź, 2005). She is the laureate of the 1st prize for movement choreography of an individual movement etude at the 6th Nationwide Science Session “Eurhythmics in the development of musicians, actors, dancers”.

She is actively creating artistic events in several dimensions e.g. organising a patriotic festival for children and teenagers “Płytoteka”, vocal festivals for preschool and school children, theatre festivals.

She cooperates with many artistic organisations (Polish Radio For Children, The Mazovia Institute of Culture, Center for Contemporary Art, Atelier Theatre of Agnieszka Osiecka, Forest Opera in Sopot, TVP ABC, Polsat Television, Polsat Foundation, Kamienica recording studio, Republica, film productions, Warsaw Film School, Erasmus projects (she conducts International Workshops). She takes active part in pedagogical life in the field of eurhythmics and has been working with kids for the past 10 years. She founded the ArtMusic company, develops instrumental talents in children aged 4-8, conducts workshops for movie screenwriters. She has been directing spectacles for children and youth for 8 years.

She believes that a “creative teacher” is one that is able to creatively manage the whole artistic and didactic process, and inspires passion in their students.