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“All right”

room: Broadway
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The performance is part of the “Kadrowy Ruch Teatralny” project that carried out as part of the Culture Animation Fund and is based on stories by Antoni Chekhov.
Antoni Chekhov was an excellent observer, and in his stories, he shown people as they really are with their advantages and disadvantages. We laugh, only to be moved in a moment, because this is what life is like and these are the works of Chekhov.

“It’s All Right” is a performance in which we lead the viewer through the world of human passions, we work out how and why we behave in this way. We emphasize what is bad so that what is good becomes more visible. We laugh at our Polish habit of not talking about difficult things, because it is easier to say “everything is fine” …

Directing, adaptation, set design, costumes: Sebastian Słomiński
Vocal preparation: Magdalena Czuba
Choreography: Blanka Miętkiewicz

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