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“All right”

room: Broadway
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“It’s All Right” is a performance that leads the viewer through the world of human vices, passions. We work out how and why we behave in this way and no other. We emphasize what is bad so that the good becomes more visible. We laugh at our Polish ailment of avoiding difficult topics, because it is easier to say “everything is fine” …

An adaptation of famous and less known stories by Antoni Chekhov

Director, script adaptation: Sebastian Słomiński
Vocals: Magdalena Czuba
Stage movement: Blanka Miętkiewicz
Actors: Jacek Bienert, Sylwia Chełmińska, Małgorzata Cytrowska, Lidka Iwanowska-Szymańska, Natalia Niemira, Mirosław Malec, Agata Mandziewska, Ewa Markowska, Magdalena Milancej, Daria Radzikowska, Marta Struś, Beata Zdankiewicz.

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