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16.00-17.00 (children 4-5 years old)
17.15-18.15 (children 6-9 years old)
18.30-19.30 (children 12+)
instructor: Arkadiusz Grzyb

Due to the current epidemic situation, AIKIDO classes will be held online.
Classes will be held via instant messaging and conference services (Teams, etc.).
We invite regular participants to classes on Thursdays at 16.00, 17.15, 18.30
You will receive a link with the access to the classroom via e-mail.
If you are willing to join the classes, please contact us by email:

More information from the instructor, please contact by email:

Aikido practice brings specific physical benefits. It helps to improve overall physical agility, flexibility, and teaches to relax. Human body can draw strength from two sources: muscle contractions or the dynamics of a relaxed body. Aikido develops the body in a unique way. Aerobic capacity is attained thanks to intensive training. Flexibility of joints and connective tissues is developed through various stretching exercises and the techniques themselves. The body relaxes automatically, because otherwise the techniques will not work. A balanced use of the two energy sources allows to generate tremendous strength, even if you are a small person.