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African dance

instructor: Anika Kamińska
fee: PLN 120/ month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Black Swan, 316, 3rd floor

godz. 17.00-17.45 (dzieci 3-6 lat)
godz. 16.10-17.00 (dzieci 4-7 lat)
godz. 17.40-18.25 (dzieci 1,5-4 lata)
instruktorka: Natalia Świątkiewicz
opłata: 140 zł/mies., zajęcia próbne: 30 zł
sala: Akademia Pana Kleksa, 208, II piętro

godz. 17.00-17.45 (children 3-6 y.o.)
godz. 16.10-17.00 (children 4-7 y.o.)
godz. 17.40-18.25 (children 1,5 – 4 y.o.)
instructor: Natalia Świątkiewicz
fee: PLN 140/month., trial class: PLN 30
room: Mister Blot’s Academy, 208, 2nd floor

Ladies and gentlemen,
We kindly inform you that we are gathering a new group for classes. We invite you to sign up.

We invite you to regular classes in traditional African dance on an open beginner level. You can join the group at any time.
Afro is a very lively and natural form of movement with a beautiful, long-lasting tradition. With afro you can learn how to freely express your body, get fit and feel good. It is an injection of energy and joy that can be absorbed by everyone, regardless of abilities and predispositions. If you want to return to your roots, to come into contact with your body and feel the call of the wild, these classes are for you. Many of the steps in this dance were born out of imitation of everyday life activities or the desire to emphasize the qualities of the dancing sex, such as the strength of men, agility, speed and vivaciousness of young girls, sex appeal and delicacy of young women, or the dignity and elegance of older women.
Learning this dance means also learning African folklore and rhythms. The energy and joy of unrestrained movements danced to the beat of trance drum music has made this dance increasingly popular in Europe and around the world. For over a dozen years it has been danced not only by indigenous Africans, but also by dancers and choreographers who want to reach to the sources of dance.
Then classes are conducted by Anika Kamińska – an instructor, a dancer, a musician and a long-time enthusiast of West African culture.