Adrianna Szymańska

Her dance adventure began in 2009. Since then, it has been her greatest passion.
In dance, she bets on a combination of street styles with commerce. On her dance path, she tried to simultaneously develop in commercial new age, as well as hip hop and house. She believes that combining these two worlds creates a new quality of movement. What she values in dance is freedom, creativity, and the possibilities of constant development.
She started with going to various dance competitions such as Rytm Ulicy, Spontan or Wirująca Strefa W, looking for new inspirations, she took part in various workshops and dance camps (such as SDA Camp, SDK, I?M IN, GDM). In 2015, she visited Los Angeles and trained in legendary studio of Debbie Reynolds as well as Movement Lifestyle. She regularly trains under the eye of the best instructors in Poland (BGT Tour, Blckcat). Since 2017, she regularly works with children and dances at the concert tour of singer Sylwia Lipka. What dance means to her is above all joy and a source of endless inspiration. In her daily life, she combines her passion with studying management at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).