Funny Judo



Healthy backbone

Cardio FIT

Street Dance

Show Dance

Break Kids

Break Academy

Ballroom Dancing Club

Next Dance Step

Fairy tale dances

Modern dance

Ballet – Pikuliny

Ballroom Dance for Youth and Adults

Contact Improvisation – modern dance

German language

Deutsch ist super!


Around the Globe with Spanish

French for children

Ceramics for children

Ceramics for adults

Micro-model Building and Strategy Games Laboratory “GOLIAT”

RetroAcademy: Qigong

RetroAcademy: Strengthening and stretching gymnastics

RetroAcademy: Spine Gymnastics

RetroAcademy: Secrets of professional painting and drawing

RetroAcademy: Ballroom dance for seniors

RetroAcademy: Ballroom Wednesday dance for seniors

Studio below the stave

Electronic Orchestra Sound Lab

Individual Singing Lessons

Piano-Forte Music Lab

Old-timey Singing

KADROFONIA – female vocal ensemble

Let The Dow Dow Choir

Guitar and other instruments

Homerecording vs. Studio

Voice Emission and self-presentation

Scientific workshops – experiments

Little Rascals

Chess for children/ individual


Programming for children


Professional painting and drawing course

Art with imagination

Art Studio Kids

ASP Art Studio

Painting and 3D-ART

Drawing Lessons – preparation for the exams at the architecture department

Painting and drawing – preparation for fine arts high school

Plastic artistic journeys around the world

There was a city – art classes

ATM “Artist”

Painting and drawing – preparation for fine arts high school