The offer of educational classes for the season 2019/2020 – is under preparation

The offer of educational classes for the season 2019/2020 – is under preparation

Painting and drawing – preparation for fine arts high school

Field of study: drawing and painting

Drawing Lessons – preparation for the exams at the architecture department

ASP Art Studio

Comic Book Narrations

Painting and spatial models 3D-ART

Spotlight Kids Academy

Visual art with imagination

Art Studio Kids

Artistic Travels Around the World

Frame by frame

The world in a frame

Actor’s ABC

Play it!

“Don’t exaggerate!” Theatre Staff

KADRATOWI – Kadr Theatre Group

Kadr Theatre Studio

Tadam Theatre

Homerecording vs. Studio

Old-timey Singing


Let The Dow Dow Choir

LUZ Vocal Ensemble

Individual vocal classes

Individual Singing Lessons

Opera, musical and entertainment singing

Studio below the stave

Electronic Orchestra Sound Lab

Guitar and other instruments

Piano-Forte Music Lab

Abracadabra – Gordon’s method


DIY for children

Modelling and strategic games “GOLIAT”


Ceramics for adults

Ceramics for children

Open Woodworking Shop

Voice Emission and Self-presentation

Woodworking Workshops for children


There was a city (architecture workshop)


Musical Dance

Ballroom Dance

Break Kids

First Dance Step

Master Class – Breaking Academy

Show dance

Contact Improvisation

Warsaw Breaking Spot

Disco Dance

Break Academy



Videoclip Dance

Ballroom Dancing Club

Little Rascals

World of 3D printing


Music-sensory. Senses in children’s movement

Funny Judo

Acrobatics for children and teenagers

Healthy Back

Acrobatics in English

French for children, Les Petit Francais method

Deutsch ist super!

German language

English Drama Course

Break Kids in English

Acrobatics in English

English Drama Course

Pilates Gold

Painting and drawing

Ceramics for seniors

Strengthening and stretching gymnastics

Spine Gymnastics

Zumba Gold


Art Studio Retro

Tadam Studio

Ballroom Dance

Retro Knowledge Academy