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17.10-18.10 (children, youth)
18.20-19.20 (children, youth)
instructor: Aleksandra Skoneczna
fee: PLN 125 / month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Black Swan, 316, 3rd floor (Wed, 17.10), Out of breath, 315 a / b, 3rd floor (Wed, 18.20)

It is a combination of several dancing techniques such as show dance, freestyle, jazz, hip hop, and acrobatic elements. The classes are dedicated to all participants of advanced acrobatics, or those who have the necessary abilities in this respect. The choreographies we are going to create will use a whole spectrum of children’s abilities, and above all – they will let them learn new dance and acrobatic figures. In addition, we are going to develop perseverance, self-confidence, but most of all working in a group and responsibility for others when performing complex elements. The aim of the group is to create a spectacular dance and acrobatic routine.