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Acrobatics for children

16.30 – 17.30
instructors: Zuzanna PieĊ„kowska and Mateusz Biankecki
fee: PLN 100/month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Breathless, 315 a/b, 3rd floor

We would like to invite you to Acrobatics for children classes. In a specially equipped room, the children can develop their gymnastic and acrobatic abilities. Qualified instructors ensure children?s safety, fantastic fun and support in developing their motor abilities.
Acrobatics and gymnastics for beginners, which means learning healthy behaviour patterns and correct development of the body by strengthening and shaping the posture.
During the classes, we are going to focus on developing motor coordination and flexibility to prepare us for increasingly more complex movement elements that will help the participants to adapt to any kind of sports activity. We will also do exercises such as handstand and walking on hands, bridges, pyramids, and at a later stage, handsprings, and other acrobatic evolutions.
Sample class plan;
? balance including handstand, headstand, bridge
? cartwheel as well as forward and backward roll
? arrangement of performed elements
? stretching
The practice is conducted with due caution and with the instructor’s assurance, who takes care of the participants’ safety first.
We are learning through play, not forgetting however about engagement and a sense of humour.