Accumulator – House of neighbor’s on wheels – summer activities of the Culture Centre Kadr

The Culture Centre Kadr will open its new headquarters at Rzymowskiego 32 Street. During our preparation for this event, our animals will start a summer trip around the area. From 31st of July to 13th of August we will visit the surrounding estates. Our new animation cargo bike will help us. We will arrange space for rest and recreation, we test a new form of activity of the Culture Centre Kadr that will be a part of our permanent repertoire. In the new headquarters of the Culture Centre Kadr – there will be two neighboring houses – spaces where people can spend free time, get to know together and work. We will consider together how these places should work to meet the needs of the residents. We will also invite you to visit us in the new office of Accumulator.

In the second half of July and through the entire August new office of Accumulator will be open on Tuesdays between 11.00 am to 7.00 pm. With warm drinks and sweets we will present the new headquarters of the Culture Centre Kadr. We are waiting for you!