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About Crab Heniu and Doing Good

room: Broadway
ticket: PLN 20, buy a ticket online or at the reception

“Audio play with live music – Projekt Muzyka. A Fairy Tale About Crab Henio and Good Doing, or a story about compassion, love, empathy and helping.

A musical drama is a story during which, in addition to narration, we sing songs, dance and invite children to the world of our original musical fairy tale. We stimulate various senses through visual-sensory experiences. In addition, during the fairy tale, an image is displayed in the form of beautiful visualizations, designed and created especially for this occasion by Ania Trzpil-Zagórska from the Little Theater of Illustrations.

Bajkowa grafika dotycząca podwodnego świata, z czerwonym krabem na czele, oraz kolorowymi rybkami i zielonymi roslinami w tle.