A NEW MOVEMENT in Culture Centre KADR

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Dance etudes of the graduates of the course of the stage choreography of the Wholesale Movement in Krakow under the artistic supervision of Iwona Olszowska

Movement variation, exploration of physicality and emotionality in meditation
Performers: Piotr Werewka
Animation: Piotr Werewka
Music: Piotr Werewka
Duration: 7 minutes

Etiuda / performance of movement improvisation inspired by the psychological issue of shadow.
? I’m angry, I’m scared ? I’m running ?
? I am dreaming ?
? I fight ? deny ?

Wojciech Stępień – actor, performer, improviser; is passionate about combining various forms of stage expression, such as acting, physical theater and music.
Choreography and direction: Katarzyna Pawlak
Performer: Wojciech Stępień
Music: Jan Jelinek
Artistic coaching: Iwona Olszowska
Duration: 15 minutes


Site-specific etiude
Being between ?
Being on the edge ?
Being on the border ?.
Tension and loosening. What limits and what allows you to rise above ? Where does it lead?
Choreography and performance: Gosia Kuszner
Music: Max Richter, Jonsi & Alex, Laurie Anderson, Umberto

Costume: Kokoworld
Duration: 17 minutes

Still alive / Steal a life
SMARTphone – allows you to: call, write, take pictures, read, browse, buy, record and, above all, be online. A device with the same advantages, is there a catch anyway?
We are free. We make decisions ourselves. We want to grow. We learn to be conscious. We express emotions. We are looking for an answer.
Choreographer: Agnieszka Penczonek
Artistic care: Iwona Olszowska
Dancers: Agnieszka Cichocka, Dagny Czapska, Agnieszka Penczonek
Music: Virtual Agony: “Room 91”; “Pure”
Duration: 8.5 minutes

He and she
connected / separated
between them

Choreography (improvisational structure): Agata Rutkowska
Performers: Agata Wiedro, Fabian Włodarek
Music: Fabian Włodarek
Duration: 17 minutes