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The performance was based on authentic and very old, almost one hundred years old, and letters from two young people. There are letters from the front of the Polish-Bolshevik war of 1920, by a volunteer soldier, twenty-year-old Adam Bienia from Ossala, to eighteen-year-old Zosia from Sandomierz and her letters to him. Letters were shared by the daughter of Mrs. Hanna Bień-Bielska.
The action begins when Adam enters the army and the Polish-Bolshevik war continues in Poland. The only form of contact with lovers are letters, in which Adam initially manifests enthusiasm for going to the army. However, the more familiar he is with what the conflict brings, when he finally goes to the front, he changes his attitude, grows up, war changes him. “He does not write to Zosia what he saw, he suddenly changes the format of letters, and these letters are letters of an adult man. He no longer writes about flowers, he is shocked “- says Bartłomiej Miernik, the director of the play, about the transformation of Adam.

Screenplay, elaboration of letters, adaptation: Hanna Bień-Bielska
Direction, set design, lights: Bartłomiej Miernik
Cast: Ewa Sakłak, Adrian Tatrocki, Hubert Dyl and Jakub Sirko
Production: Banina Foundation
Premiere: 13 IV 2018, at 7.00 pm, Culture Centre Kadr in Warsaw