Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway, ground floor
free entrance, booking places online

During the meeting we will get to know the story of an unusual Bulgarian family, together with Macau we will look for his mother, we will try to understand a woman who went to prison and we will follow the Russian thriller.

Mom is calling, dir. Deyan Bararev (Bulgaria) 25′
One night in Sofia, we get to know the fate of two brothers, an alcoholic, a drug dealer and a taxi driver.

Crash, dir. Hong Heng Fai (Macao) 22′
Choi discovers that his mother with dementia has disappeared. This event unexpectedly becomes a breakthrough in his life.

Return, dir. Damian Kocur (Poland) 21′
Ania leaves for the first pass from the prison. Her husband and her son are waiting for her. Everything is fixed – during the pass they want to leave the country. Before leaving, Ania decides to meet a woman.

He was his friend, dir. Evgeny Puzrevsky (Russia) 27′
Aspiring to be a serial killer boy decides he must start his career by killing someone who trusts him completely.

TOTAL DURATION: approx. 95 min