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Absolutely Fabulous Dancers

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Actress, dancer and choreographer are watching their story. Presentation of the organizers of the Center of Dance Arts: Theater Development Foundation ‘NOWA FALA’ / HOTELOKO

Actress, dancer and choreographer are looking at their roots and history together, taking up the topic of education and identity, wondering what adds wings and what are cutting the wings. And all this in the rhythms of the 80s, krakowiak and classical music. Can it be more absurd? Probably not!
Trio Absolutely Fabulous Dancers answers and inspires looking in the past, the history of Poland, the everyday movement, body memory. In this way, the artists of the HOTELOKO movement makers build their unique, absurd dance style which breaks down stereotypes and expectations about what a dancer or dancer should be.

After performances of “Absolutely Fabulous Dancers” and “White Square on black background” (at 8.00 pm), we invite you to meet the artists personally. The meeting leads Hanna Raszewska.