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Wrap a Christmas gift!

instructor: Urszula Pielach-Gemzała
room: Accumulator, ground floor
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Free workshops for everyone!
Christmas is a special time that we spend with our loved ones. It is also the time when we prepare Christmas gifts. We often wonder how to pack a gift to make it look special.
During the workshop, we will learn several ways to pack a Christmas gift. We will learn how to use recycled and environmentally friendly materials when preparing gifts, and what methods of packaging the gift are in line with the spirit of the “Less Waste” philosophy.

During the workshops, we will create our own Christmas paper. We will also get acquainted with the Japanese method of wrapping the gifts.

You can bring your gift and pack it with us during the workshop.

Na drewnianym stole wśród zielonego igliwia znajdują się pięknie zapakowane prezenty w stylu less waste. Obok nożyczki i kolorowy sznurek.