5. Danuta Rinn Festival

DANUTA RINN FESTIWAL is an annual, nationwide artistic event that is part of the calendar of important festivals that cultivate the best traditions of Polish song – its mission is to commemorate an exceptional artist, as well as interest young people in a culture that can’t be found in some media, and which constitutes our identity. Over the last four years, over 300 people have participated in the festival. This year – despite the limitations caused by the pandemic – 82 people from all over Poland applied. Several stages of the jubilee, fifth edition are already behind us: recruitment, sending and auditioning songs, qualification for the semi-finals. On October 24, a semi-final concert took place online at the District Centre of Culture and Art in Ciechanów. The final of this year’s edition will take place on November 20, 2020 at the Culture Centre KADR, which has been cooperating with us since the first edition. It is one of the most modern cultural institutions in Warsaw, with a beautiful and professionally equipped auditorium.

The concert will be performed online.

This year, Danuta Błażejczyk, founder and president of the “Appetite for Culture” Foundation, celebrates the 35th anniversary of her artistic activity. That is why this year’s edition of the festival is entitled “2 DANUTY AND THEIR NOTES”, and its young participants will sing songs from the repertoire of both ladies.

The concerts will be conducted by Maria Szabłowska, and Artur Grudziński Band will take care of new arrangements and professional accompaniment.

The patrons of Danuta Rinn Festival are – Polish Radio PR1, Polish Radio RDC, TVP Culture, TVP Warsaw as well as local television and radio stations. The awards are sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the family of Danuta Rinn (Małgorzata and Wojciech Smykla) and the Star Manager (Agnieszka and Krzysztof Gwiazda).