Łukasz Depa

Participant of many workshops in Poland and Europe with the precursors and the pioneers of breakdance (for example Ken Swift, Mr. Wiggles, 7Gems, Poe-One, Freeze, Break Easy), where he gained the necessary and fundamental knowledge, experience and inspiration to create and build his own style, which was and is appreciated during many Polish and international events. A member of one of the best teams in Poland – “Kingz of Warsaw” and the Warsaw project “Warsaw Fellaz”
He works with the Centre of National Creativity, Dance Schools and Culture Centres in Warsaw and neighborhood. In 2006 he received a diploma of a Dance Instructor from Talent Foundation Training Centre. He organizes the events, courses and workshops design to inspire participants and to develop their own personality, physical, mental and creative thinking. He actively participates in the international events such as dance competitions, concerts, oral graffiti, film festivals, theater performances and other events to promote street art.
He took part in:
– ?OutBreak 10? Orlando-USA
– ?Break Free 5? Houston -USA
– ?International Break Dance Event? Rotterdam (Holland),

– ?Circle Kingz?, Lausanne (Switzerland),

– ?Street Star Festival?, Sztokcholm (Sweden),

– ?Total Session?, Grenoble (France),

– ?Warsaw Challenge?, Warsaw (Poland),

? ?Skill Or Die?, Warsaw (Poland),

? ?UK Championship? London (UK),

– ?All About Style? Kędzieżyn Koźle (Poland),

– ?Circle Prinz?, Warsaw (Poland),

? Polish Championship in the “Rock and Roll” – Theatre Roma, Warsaw (Poland).